Happy Friday!!!


This is my new "Journal of Your Life" book.  I did these pages while I was going to or in NC.  I always start books like this and never finish them completely.  I have tons of sketchbooks halfway filled.  Why is that?  I am going to finish this one!!!  The rest of the pages right now are lots of words and lists :]  Speaking of lists...

Wanna Do's:

  • Get my nails + toes done before Mike gets here :] 
  • Go to the scrapbook store or art store to look for some pens + glue I have been wanting.
  • Get a hammock for the backyard- I love hammocks :]  Esp. the cozy ones that are cloth with pillows. 
  • Go to the mall to get the body butter in my last post (the store has closed!!! boo!!!)
  • Spray tan maybe??? I'm totally against tans + love pale skin, but I want a little glow for summer.
  • Start an etsy store: make prints of my work + sell them + sell my work in general.  I would love to have an artsy job or be able to live off stuff I create.  So many people are doing it, but it takes SUCH motivation and prolificacy!!!
  • Start a quilt
  • Paint!!!
  • Swim maybe? if it's warm enough (too COLD!!!)
  • Scrapbook
  • Have fun ;]
  • I made a terrarium!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!  Any fun plans???

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