Rascall Flatts Bob That Head Tour 2009 with Jessica Simpson

Ok...for those of you who didn't know...I used to be obssesed with Jessica Simpson...I still really like her...AND I have always wanted to see her, haha.  So...last night my mom + I went to the concert @ the Fed-Ex Forum


I haven't listened to Jessie's new album, but I really enjoyed her part of the show.  I can't say so much for Rascall Flatts.  They were ok, the singer is really whiney, haha.  I only like a few of their songs (the romantic, sappy ones [go figure]).   


We had really good seats.  We were 3rd row to the left of the stage.  Rascall Flatts stage was a runway that went around the whole floor of the forum.


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