This Past Weekend...

Hunt phelan

The Hunt Phelan Home, where we celebrated my Mom's birthday! -so pretty!
Mom and i

My Mom + I ~best friends~
Joe and i

My brother + I ~I swear we're related~haha
Mom's b'day and Jackson 068 copy

Emmie Lou the Rockstar!  Girls Sleepover in Jackson, TN
The boys were all outta town, so my mom + I spent the night with Emmie, Kim (my sis-in-law), and Roxy.

My brother + his family's new puppy -Roxy Quicksilver
She is very sweet even though she stinks, haha :]  Roxy + Vera had a good time.  Roxy barked + growled at Vera at first.  So funny!  Check out the video I put up of the two playing on my Flickr.

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