Happy Friday! :]

Here are a few things making me happy right now...

1.  Zucchini and Squash Quiche at Davis-Kidd Bronte Bistro, my summer fav. :]

2.  BARK magazine and these easy dog treats:

                3 c. plain non-fat yogurt
1 c. peanut butter (unsalted)
1 tbs. honey

Combine all ingredients and whisk thoroughly.  Pour mixture into ice cube trays and freeze solid (at least 2 hours).

3.  BLT's:  Nothing says summer more than bacon, lettuce, fresh bright red tomatoes, mayo, salt, pepper, and white bread!

4.  Rachael Ray magazine recipes, so summery! YUM-O!


5.  This pic. makes me smile, haha!  Singing to Kate! Redbirds game and Silky's.


                  *SISTERS*- haha (family day)

6.  A secret planning/event between two best friends...I can't wait to share! 

7.  Gracie + Vera are going to Dogwoods for Beginner Training :]  Kate + I are very excited!

8.  The new Art on Paper issue:  Diary of a Young Artist...

"The diary entries you are about to read were written by visual artists who
are at a similar point in their careers: all are in their thirties, are
exhibiting regularly, and are receiving varying degrees of international
exposure. We are grateful to them for letting us into their lives."


9.  A Beautiful Mess Blog- Elsie's Inspiration Week- started July 22nd- until

10.  Lots of time to paint this weekend :]  and I'm getting my hair done Saturday- that's always fun! :]

11.  I found some old children's books yesterday at the antique mall that I will post soon- so excited!!!  An old Alice and Wonderland book with a GREAT cover, a Pinocchio book, and a 1969 Red Riding Hood book with great graphics + colors.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and happy friday :]

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