Bonnaroo 2008

Thursday afternoon we headed to Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival: a four-day, multi-stage camping festival held on a beautiful 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee every June. Bonnaroo brings together some of the best performers in rock and roll, along with dozens of artists in complementary styles such as jazz, Americana, hip-hop, electronica, and just about any contemporary music you can think of. In addition to dozens of epic performances, the festival's 100-acre entertainment village buzzes around the clock with attractions and activities including a classic arcade, on-site cinema, silent disco, comedy club, theater performers, a beer festival, and a music technology village. For its peaceful vibe, near-flawless logistics, and unrivaled entertainment options, Rolling Stone magazine named this revolutionary entertainment experience one of the 50 moments that changed the history of rock and roll.








"The throng of 70,000-plus arrived at the four-day 2008 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tenn., and endured the nearly 90-degree heat to participate in the country's biggest music festival.

Although some patrons had to wait in line for up to seven hours to get off Interstate 24 and into the festival, more than 40,000 people had been let in the gates by 5 p.m. Thursday."- KNOXNEWS.com


I have heard the lines are crazy, but we only had to wait about an hour to get in.  We got our RV set up, cooked out some hot dogs, and then went into the 'Roo.  It was so cool.  They had huge firefly lights, lights/lanterns in trees, lit up ferris wheel, the mushroom fountain was lit, and there were glow sticks/things glowing everywhere.  The first act we saw was Vampire Weekend


Then we watched a little of Lez Zepplin.

Friday we woke up and had blueberry pop tarts :]  Then we cooked out hamburgers, and headed back into the center.  It was so hot walking there; I didn't know if I was going to make it all day.  We were lucky though, because clouds came and cooled things off.  We saw Jose Gonzalez first.  He was pretty good.  Not much of a performer though.  He just sat down and chilled with his guitar.  He was hard to see, so we just sat in our chairs and lounged.  Next we watched Rilo Kiley:


Then we saw Tegan and Sara:

They were really fun and entertaining!  They talked a lot and told stories which is always cool. :]  Love them!


We watched Chris Rock; He was funny.  After that we saw THE RACONTUERS!!!!!  They ROCKED!!!  Jack White is so sexy! Ayee-yaee-yaee!  I loved them!  They were amazing.


Jack White rocking on the keys:

Finally we sawMy Morning Jacket:  The stage was so cool.  It had eyeballs in the backdrop that changed colors.  Everyone was throwing glowsticks in the air.  There were big white balloons in the background that lit up too.  They were awesome too!

Saturday we slept in and hung out at our camp til about 3:00.  Then we saw Cat Power for a little bit












and a little bit of The Avett Brothers.

Then we headed to Ben Folds (my favorite of all time)!!!  I love him!  I got chills + was tearing up when he played Narcolepsy.  I love that song + it's my favorite to play on the piano + sing.  He is an amazing performer.  He takes pics of the crowd (I got a signed poster he took of the crowd flicking him off).  At the end he throws his piano stool at the piano.  He played B****'s Aint S***! for the last time (he said he was retiring the song b/c he's sick of playing it), but it was awesome. 


We watched Chris Rock til Jack Johnson came on- HUGE group of people.  He and Eddie Vedder played Constellations together.   I LOVE Eddie Veder's voice.

After that Pearl Jam came on.


That was my last night.  I got some t-shirts for gifts/souviners, ate some pizza and had frozen lemonade.  Then I headed out early Sunday to be back for Father's Day.

(I haven't had time to load my photos yet, but they are coming soon :])

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