I Do, Do U? too

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Do you believe in Dreams come true?

I like to think I do :]  I can sometimes be pessimistic, but I love to believe in dreams coming true.  (The same goes for love at first sight).

Ghosts and goblins?

I believe in ghosts to a certain degree (sometimes I question it though, because wouldn't you see a whole lot more of them.) Hmm...goblins, nah.  I have no use for a goblin, haha. 

Magic and Miracles?

Oh yea! I live for this one.  I'm all about some magic.  I believe there's magic in everything.  I love the *magic* :]  I believe in miracles too!  They happen all around us!

Do you like bedtime stories?

I love bedtime stories :]  Alice in wonderland is one of my FAVS!!!  You would like the rabbit "]  I think you might be kinda like the rabbit even though you say you hate watches + time (you are very aware of time)!  I'm so Alice!  I thought about being her for Halloween!  Who wouldn't want to play in a Wonderland???  (I love the site by the way, I'll have to look at it more later).  I love the old illustrations too!  I transferred one of the older illustrations to a book I bound with pinkish/coral bookbinding cloth.

Believe in being loyal and faithful?

Yes!  Almost too much.  I think sometimes I am more loyal + faithful to others than they are to me.  I have lost many friendships because of this.  I think that's maybe why I don't have that many friends.  I'd rather have none if they aren't going to be loyal + faithful.

That everyone plays the fool?

I think everyone plays the fool every once in a while.  It's ok to be foolish.  I'm often very foolish, but you live + learn.  "Folly is the direct pursuit of happiness + beauty" - George Bernard Shaw  "The follies which a man regrets most in his life, are those which he didn't commit when he had the opportunity." -Helen Rowland

It's ok to smile and have fun in life?

How sad if you didn't believe in this.  I try to smile as often as possible + have fun as much as possible :] 

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