Green Shoe Gala at Shelby Farms


Begin tonight at the Green Shoe Gala at Shelby Farms Park at
6 p.m. The annual green-themed park fund-raiser features plenty of
schmoozing, boozing, a full organic dinner, and a silent auction. The
auction's highlight is a "green shoe" hand-crafted from metal reclaimed
from the steel rafters of the First United Methodist Church, which
burned down in 2006. -The Memphis Flyer

The night was really fun!  I'm planning on adopting a buffalo.  Learn more here.  When you adopt a buffalo, you get an official adoption certificate, a stuffed buffalo toy, a refrigerator
magnet, and a photo of "your" buffalo(signed by "Captain Hanna, the buffalo keeper.") 
I love the bison at Shelby Farms.  They are so cool!  I'm recently seen what look to be 2 babies :]  so cute! 
Learn more about Shelby Farms here, the biggest urban park in the country!

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