13-15 Months

You scribble with crayons until you try to chew on them.  You dance, clap your hands and move them around to music.  You LOVE getting into things your not supposed to and will try over and over again.  You like to climb and thankfully know to go feet first off the bed and couch now.  I try to give you cow's milk but you're not really into it.  You think it's so funny to feed Vera, touch her and have her chase you.  If I ask "What does the dog say?", you reply "woof, woof".  When you go to sleep you say "Bye Daddy".  You are pretty much a Daddy's boy.  You want him to constantly hold you when he gets home from work.  You love when I wear patterned socks and want to touch them.  You get excited when you see my tattoos, touch them and I'm sure wonder how they got there.  Your music teacher gives you a stamp (maybe you think it's the same).  I wish I could see you in music class, I'm sure you LOVE it!  I love to see all of your art when I pick you up from school.  I'm so happy we found a preschool with such great teachers and a place where you love going.  When you wake up from your nap you say "bye bye blankie" and put your blanket back in the crib.  You pointed at a banana in the fruit basket and said "ba-na-na".  You've started to try to put on your hat, socks, shoes and even our shoes.  You LOVE shoes, haha.  Your favorite thing is to pull them out of our closet.  You've become quite the snuggler after naps.

You are obsessed with the dishwasher.  We know we have limited time once opened before you come running in.  I let you help me put the pans away in the only drawer not baby proofed in the kitchen.  You now know it's not baby proofed, so you love to open it and take the pans out.  Ha!  You also helped me wash your blankie and Figaro the other day; you loved to watch them go round + round.  You play with the washer + dryer buttons; they are very musical.  Upon waking, the Christmas tree in your room HAS to be lit.  You also love to take baths.  We ask if you want to take a bath and you go running into the bathroom.  You clap and lift your hands up when you want to be held or you pull at my pant legs to get me to turn around to pick you up.  You will put your toys and other objects "away" now.  You love to paint too.  You will clap to certain songs on the radio.  I need to keep a list of the ones you like :)  We have a list on the fridge of words that you will say.  It's probably up to about 15-20 words.  When you put away your toys or crayons you clap for yourself.  At school, they said you clap when you go down the slide too.  You love to brush your hair.  You can stack legos now, sort shapes and stack shapes in hole.

You went to your 15 month check up and only cried a little bit when you got your shots.  You weighed 25 lbs 9 oz and are 31.5" tall.  

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