Eleven Months


You sleep from 7:30 pm- 7:30am give or take.  You like to nap twice a day.  Usually 9:30 am and again 1:30 pm, unless it's a school day (12:30 pm then you nap again at home at 3 pm [hopefully]).  You are still breastfeeding 5 times, eat 3 meals and 1-2 snacks a day.  You know what objects are now.  I ask you where your blocks, Wink (stuffed animal), bird, etc. is and you know what I'm talking about.  You sign for milk when you are hungry, we are working on signing for "more".  You took for first steps!!!  You took about 3 steps the other day, but haven't done it again (*You've now walked almost the full length of the rug in the living room and I started to tear up, haha).  You love to hold on to things and walk all day long.  You also still love to scoot your cars around the floor.  You made your first painting!  You gave me my first kiss on my b'day and it was the best gift.  If I ask you to give me a kiss you lean in with your mouth wide open, haha.  You love music class at school.  Your teachers say that you smile so big!  You were pretty much destined to be a music lover thanks to your Mama and Daddy ;)  You sometimes like to throw all of your food on the floor (which makes Mama mad).  Actually, you love to throw anything on the floor haha.  You still like reading to yourself and get so excited for books.  You are pointing like crazy and want to know what everything is.  You're babbling like crazy and loudly.  

IMG_4679 - Version 2

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