Two Months

Here is his one month picture:


And...two months:


I'm loving this stage.  He's smiling and trying to talk.  It's the sweetest thing (melts my heart into pieces) when I tell him to smile and he does.  I love to see those gums :)  He tries so hard to talk back.  He loves kicking his legs and prentending to ride a bike.  He's started grabbing things and working his hands.  He HATES tummy time.  He turns all red and screams.  He LOVES taking a bath and getting a lotion massage after.  He doesn't even mind the saline drops I have to put in his nose.  He's eating every 2-3 hours during the day and sleeps 5-8 hours at night.  He has an owl toy with a mirror that is his favorite.  He's started to like being carried again in the solly wrap and ergo; he likes having his legs out though.  He follows me around with his eyes and always finds the tv.  His legs are stronger and he can stand for a little bit (with help of course).  He weighs 13 lbs 12 oz and he is 24" long.  The doctor wants him to see an ENT just to make sure his noisy breathing is ok.  He's such a happy baby and we love him SO MUCH!!!


  1. I saw your nursery on greylikesbaby and am wondering how you did the padding on your rocker? I have an Amish rocker that I love but it could use some cushion.
    Thank you!

  2. I made it.  I just bought the cushion at a sewing store (Hancocks or Jo Anns)  traced the area of the chair where I wanted cushion and cut it out.  I then sewed the cover :)  Hope that helps.