Turning THIRTY!

My sweet hubby @zacoverbey left me a birthday surprise :) Thanks baby!!!Bday11Bday10004bw011Bday8Bday9Bday7Bday3
Bday5Bday6I had a great birthday!!! :)

It didn't feel any different than any other birthday (other than being 38 weeks pregnant!!!), haha :)  Zac left a surprise waiting for me in the bathroom that morning.  So sweet.  He said he thought I might want to enjoy it the whole day.  It was so nice to take the day off, relax, get a mani + pedi and do a little shopping with my mom.  That night we went to Iris for dinner.  It was SO GOOD!!!  I've been looking forward to it for weeks now.  Yes, I got my first "dessert" in months.  We shared the bread pudding and it was delicious...like really, really, really delicious ;)  Zac and I went for a long walk in the park afterwards and my blood sugar wasn't even high.  Yay!  It was a great birthday.  Thanks to everyone who made my day so special and for all of the birthday wishes.  

I wore the same dress as last year except it fit very differently ;) and...I slacked on my list.  I think I might be done with the birthday lists...hmm

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