29 Weeks






This week my hands starting going numb when I was sleeping (another fun pregnancy symptom, haha) but it's gone away the past few nights.  We had our first childbirth class.  It was nerve-racking (nothing like round robin introductions to get my blood pumping [red face]), uncomfortable and fun if you can imagine that.  We learned a few breathing techniques and most of the information I already knew.  Zac tried on the sympathy belly :)  He also gave me a good massage too.  Sweet thing.  We also met with the pediatrician that Zac went to.  Watching Zac write baby button's full name as a patient made things feel so real and so soon.  Anxiety and excitment are growing more and more every day.  I signed up for a Mind Over Body class too.  Yep, I plan on going naturally.  I'm looking forward to getting a manicure, pedicure and my hair done this weekend for my first BABY SHOWER!!!  I'm so excited and can't wait to catch up with friends.  Yay :)


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