Go tigers go!!!

Knitting:  I just finished a pair of slippers for Zac.  I just started this cowl.  I have two more projects in mind for gifts (another cowl + my first hat!).

Watching:  I love the movie Four Christmases.  I  watched bits of it every day over Thanksgiving weekend.

Listening to:  Christmas records.  I'm pretty excited about my Dean Martin Christmas one I found at an estate sale.  I am totally in love with A Very She & Him Christmas.  It brings back memories of last year.

Thinking about:  Elise's mile a day challenge.  I decided instead of doing a mile a day that I would try to do 7 miles a week.  I may need to start running in the morning because it seems like our nights are getting busy lately.  I really want to continue running and I'd like to do it three times a week.  I've started slacking and I can really tell.  *You can follow on instagram/twitter #mileaday #7milesaweek

Loving:  My York Peppermint Patty coffee creamer.  It was a total impulse buy at the grocery store, but I'm so glad I did :)  It's delicious and makes me wanna do a little dance in the morning, haha. 

Looking forward to:  Starting our advent calendar :)  It's one of my favorite traditions that we have.

Making me happy:  Our Christmas tree.  I love coming home to the smell and pretty lights! 

What about you? What have you been up to lately? If you do your own "currently" post on your blog, link back in the comments!  I'd love to hear.

*Thanks again to Danielle + Megan for the inspiration of these posts.


  1. She and Him's Christmas album is my absolute favorite! I always put on while baking Christmas cookies. It really makes everything feel more Christmas-y!

  2. I absolutely love she & him Christmas - such a great (mellow) album.

  3. You really have been knitting up a storm!!
    I've been really into cowls lately. It's like wrapping your neck in a blanket. I'm working on a few cowls as gifts this year too, but I'm crocheting them, of course. ;)

  4. Every few years I get obsessed, haha.  I love learning to make new things.  I love making cowls.  They are so easy and quick.  I love the white cowl you posted.  I cant wait to see the rest :)