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Experienced hurricane Sandy.


Almost got blown away by the winds.

Saw a rainbow.

Ate lots of yummy food.

Went to the museum of art.

Saw a Philip Guston painting.

Wrapped up in scarves to avoid the rain and wind.

Entered a yatch at our own risk.

Shopped while Zac played golf.

Saw an OWL!!!

Heard inspiring stories at a Boy's Town event.

Got sandblasted.

Sketched at the beach.

Played scrabble.

Got knocked down and had my swimsuit bottoms ripped off by a wave.

Found the best shell EVER...released it once we realized it was living and illegal.

Promised myself I would stay in the shade, but ended up with a major sunburn.

Watched waves come over the sea wall.

Saw flooded streets.


  1. Sounds like you were busy and that's an awesome shell btw!

  2. That wind is crazy! Can't believe the weather.

  3. I know.  It was really crazy and we only had 50-60 mph winds.  Im glad we had at least one sunny day :) ♥L

  4. Oh gosh, I can almost feel the blustering wind from those pics. Looks like you had a good time despite the hurricane rolling through. Even some sunshine. It's been so cloudy here...

  5. We did have a great time :) I don't mind the rain and clouds usually, but at the beach it's nice to have some sun! ♥Lindsay

  6. Nice photo diary. These were cool to look at. I love the one of the owl... beautiful! Hurricane Sandy and flooded streets must have been wild in person... wow.
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  7. Thanks Amber :)
    I hope you had a great weekend!

  8. you were in my neck of the woods (kind of)!
    i'm blown away by the fact that you found a conch shell! i've lived in south florida my entire life and have never found anything but boring white shells down here LOL