Bike Riding

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This Saturday was the perfect day to ride bikes.  The weather was beautiful and so were the changing leaves.  We rode the Wolf River Greenway to Shelby Farms.  It was our first time on part of the trail and I kept thinking how lucky we are to have trails like this in our city.   I love my new bike (Amelia), but she's almost too big to fit on my bike rack, haha.  I smoked Zac at one point which was pretty fun since usually I can barely keep up with him.


  1. Bike riding is so fun, especially when the scenery is so pretty. I can barely keep up with my husband too! lol! Glad you smoked Zac this time!
    Do you really have to put your bike upsidedown on the bike rack?? I just love that pic. lol!

  2. I agree :)  Yes, my bike is HUGE.  Haha.  The wheels were way too close to the pavement.  Now one i just like two feet above my car.  I need a different kind of bike rack for it.  ♥Linz