Packing for our hiking trip

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I always like to be over prepared, but lately I have been trying to pack lighter and only bring the essentials.  It's more fun to have a lighter pack on your back.  Right?  :)  This time I made a packing list so I wouldn't forget anything and so I could plan better.  Zac never plans for trips and I am such an over planner, it's pretty funny!  He almost always packs the night before or morning of.  I like to create lists days in advance.

This time the weather was going to be pretty warm so I wore some light pants that could be rolled up into capris like these, a moisture wicking shirt,  active mesh bra + hipsters and two pairs of moisture wicking socks (these are my favorite for running too), buffband, bandanna, a hat and rain coat for during the day.  I also packed some capilene leggings that you could put under the pants if you get cold + also to sleep in, a t-shirt (usually I will pack a capilene top too but I didn't think it would be that cold), a warm flannel shirt and warm socks for night.  If it had been colder, I would have worn warmer pants, throw in a zip capilene extra top, thermal beanie and a pullover fleece or puff jacket.

*We ended up not needing most of what we packed because we decided just to day hike due to rain. 

Do you go on hiking or backpacking adventures?  What are some of your favorite items that you can't go without?

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