Welcome Fall.

Vera & i

Zac & Vera

My shoes


This weekend we walked the Tour d' Wolf mountain bike trail in Shelby Farms.  We wanted to see how Vera (our wheaten terrier) would do before we take her on a longer hike.  She loved every minute of it.  Vera was running wild through the fields and sneezed for the rest of the day.  She has allergies just like her momma ;)  Later that day I made a gruyere chedder apple pie, old-fashioned spicy chili and buttermilk cornbread.  It was the perfect meal to welcome Fall. 



Always wanted to make one since pushing daisies :) gruyere, Vermont cheddar, apple pie!

So yummy!


  1. That dog of yours! I LOVE Wheatens so very much! Can I just come cuddle with your babyfaceddog?!

  2. Haha :)  I know.  Id never seen one until we bought two in our family + I am obsessed.  They are great.  Yes, you can cuddle her anytime!  My husband says we need to make a blanket with her fur, haha.

  3. It was delicious!  I cant wait to have a slice again for dessert tonight :)