First football game of the season

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There's something that just makes me feel good inside going to football games.  Maybe it's because I know Fall is just around the corner.  It was a beautiful, breezy night until half time rolled around and then the sky turned dark...really dark.  We were under a tornado and thunderstorm watch so we decided to leave before it got worse.  They ended up having to suspend the game until late that night, so it was a good thing that we left when we did.  We ended up losing :(

We had a very relaxing (lazy) long weekend.  What about you?


  1. We had a crazy long weekend! So much to do, and long weekends never seem long enough. I'm not a big football fan, but your photos of the game make me wish I were :)

  2. Crazy sounds fun :)  I agree that the weekends are never long enough.  Im not really a huge football fan either, but I like to go to games and watch them every now + then.  Its a Fall tradition :)  ♥Lindsay

  3. I don't understand the rules of football, but the idea of being in a stadium full of people watching a game seems so awesome. I've been to live hockey games (SO FUN!) and I went to a soccer match in Amsterdam when I was in my teens, but never to a football game. The high school in town just formed its first-ever 6-man team and they play their first game tomorrow, so I think I might go check that out just for the fun of it.
    Bummer that your team lost. Better luck next time!!

  4. I dont know all the rules, but its pretty easy to follow.  I cant believe youve never been :)  Ive only been to one hockey game, but it was fun!  You should check it out.  Thanks! :) ♥Lindsay

  5. Oh, gosh! Scary weather is really a fun killer. Boo!
    You know I grew up in a college town, but never actually made it to a football game... what is wrong with me?!! lol!

  6. I actually never went to a game when I was in college, haha.  Only after.  Depends on where you live, some football games are more fun than others :)