Grow a tomato.

And...keep my basil + mint alive can be crossed off my Summer Manifesto.  Zac + I went to our local hardware store early in the summer to buy some flowers.  My sweet husband picked out this tiny tomato plant and I just sorta laughed at him (optimist=him + pessimist=me as always).  I never thought that we would be able to grow a tomato.  I'm not sure why, but up to this point I have struggled to keep flowers alive and usually get tired of watering them.  Haha.  I also failed at growing basil + cilantro last year, but this year I've managed to keep our basil + mint alive.  Our tomato plant had a rough start.  At one point, we pretty much had given up on it until...it FINALLY had some yellow blooms.  It took many yellow blooms later, but we finally started growing a tomato.  I was so excited!!!  We've had lots of tomato hornworms try to eat our plant, but as long as I keep spraying it with insecticidal soap it seems to help (I just read it helps to plant marigolds nearby...note for next year).  A friend also told me to try sprinkling cayenne pepper on the soil which I tried too.  We ate our first tomato the other night and it was the best tomato I've ever had ;) 

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The best #tomato I've ever eaten and not just because I grew it #summermanifesto #gardenlife


  1. YOUR TOMATOES! They look so great! Congrats on crossing off a summer goal. Our tomato plants didn't do so well this summer. SHOOT! You'll have to give me your secrets. ;)
    Just found your blog tonight via Bleubird!
    the Reverie blog

  2. Thank you :)  Im not sure I have any secrets, haha.  We planted in a large pot (at least 8 deep), watering when it gets dry up to 2, use organic fertilizer twice a month, full sun  lots of heat.  Im glad you found my blog :)  We have one tomato plant thats not doing well at all too.  I have no idea what Im doing.  Dont give up!  Im glad you found my blog.  I will check yours out too ♥ Lindsay

  3. Your tomatoes look SO GOOD! I love growing fresh veggies right in my backyard!

  4. Congratulations! That tomato looks absolutely yummy too!

  5. Aw yay, it looks delicious! Another trick I read about once was spraying garlic water on the plants every once in a while. I have been doing that and I do notice that pests almost completely go away until it starts to fade, then I just spray again.

  6. Thanks :) Its my first time trying. I have just a tiny patio but one day I would love a bigger garden!

  7. Thanks for the tip :) I appreciate all the help I can get! Haha