Summer Twenty Twelve Minibook Update

Minibook 052

Minibook 003

Minibook 006

Minibook 009

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Minibook 017

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Minibook 056

I'm loving this form of memory keeping :)  It's quick + I like how you can add in items (room keys, luggage tags, name tags, postcards, receipts, etc.) that normally you might not know what to do with or throw in a drawer.  I like that it's easy to add instagrams, printed photos + instax too.  I think 4" x 6" is the perfect size too.  I see lots of these in my future ♥

*I bought my summer minibook from Elise.

**You can check out her awesome, finished one here.


  1. What a great way to store memories.
    In this digital age, we often forget the importance of having a tactile keepsake. I've got to get into a habit of doing this. So much more memorable than a computer file full of pictures.

  2. I agree! I was really bad about it. Now Im trying to make the habit of printing out pictures once a month to keep up with it :)

  3. so so SO awesome! i love this idea. your book looks like it will be such a nice memento. i wish i was doing "more" this summer, to warrant a book! ;)

  4. Thanks Kerry :)  You should do one.  Document the little things.  You could make one just on Riley ;)

  5. Oh my word! That is amazing! How fun! Years from now that is going to be so cool too look back on! Off to get one now!