DIY // Baby Quilt


Skill level: Intermediate (Beginners don't be too afraid...it's fairly simple)

A great weekend project

Finished size: 35" X 35"


Sewing machine + basic sewing supplies

Quilt top: 1 36" X 36" piece  or in my case 49 5" charm squares

Quilt bottom: 1 36" X 36" piece

Ribbon: 24 in varying lengths between 6-8"

Quilt batting: 1 36" X 36"


I used a Moda charm pack that I had laying around.  I LOVE this fabric.  I believe it was called Wonderland.  I buy mine from Fat Quarter Shop.  I sewed my top together using this method.  You can google videos on you tube (that's what I did).  I consider myself to be a beginner.

Gather all your materials and cut all fabrics to 36" X 36".  In my case, I sewed the top first and the taped the bottom to the floor and cut to match the top.  Don't forget to cut your batting too.


Fold a length of ribbon in half lengthwise.  To attach the fringe, lay the quilt top flat, right side up.  Place the ribbons on the top (the raw edges of the quilt should be aligned with the raw edge of the ribbons and the folded edge of the ribbons should face the center of the blanket).  Still with me?  I hope so :)  Pin and sew each ribbon in place 1/8" from the raw edge.  When you complete the blanket, the fringe will be on the outside.  You'll see ;)

June 049

Lay the quilt bottom fabric flat, right side up, being sure to smooth out all the wrinkles.  I like to tape mine to the floor.  On top of that, lay the quilt top, right side down, so the top and bottom right sides are together.  You should not be able to see the ribbons at this point.  Make sure they lay flat and are inside layer.  Add the batting to the top of the stack.  Pin around the edges of the quilt, including a few in the middle to hold everything in place.  I think I went a little crazy with my pins.  Haha.  You don't have to use that many.

June 053

You are going to want to leave a 4" opening in the center of one of the sides to turn the quilt inside out.  Start on one side at the halfway point, stitch all three pieces together around the entire quilt, but remember to stop 4" from where you started to leave the opening.  Trim the seam and clip the corners making sure not to trim the stitches.

Reach through the opening between the quilt top and bottom to turn the quilt inside out.  Use your fingers or a pencil eraser top to push out all four corners.  Smooth out the quilt.

June 056June 2 068

June 2 066

Topstitch 1/2" in around all of the edges.  Make sure you don't sew any of the fringe and keep it pointing out away from the quilt.  Continue around all the edges of the blanket and close the opening when you come to it by folding the edges under towards each other.

June 2 072

*I added a name using my sewing machine's letter stitch before sewing the quilt layers together

June 2 082

To quilt I just did 3 equal squares through all the layers of the quilt, using the charm squares on the top as a guide (sewing in the ditch).  If you use a fabric piece instead of these squares don't worry, just measure 4" inside the topstitched square and repeat.  You could also do any pattern that you want.  I've been wanting to try free motion quilting.  It looks like a lot of fun.  So many possibilities.

June 2 085

This would be a cute mat for the baby to play on or a quilt to wrap them up :)  I had so much fun making this.  I can see more of these in my future.  If you decide to make one I would LOVE to see! 

*I can check Sew something on my new sewing machine off the list.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! OH I love this! I absolutely adore quilts and Hadley is one very lucky girl to receive such a special gift from you! You did such a fantastic job! Thank you for the tutorial! I have packs and packs of quilt squares just waiting on me to get brave enough to try!

  2. Thank you so much! :)  You should give it a try.  Its easier than you think.  Plus you can just rip your stitches out if you mess up + start again.

  3. incredible project, well done :)
    Drawing Dreaming

  4. Thank you so much :)  It was really fun! ♥Lindsay

  5. Oh this is cute. I love it. I did a 27 before 28 back in May. I need to keep up on that list or I will fall behind!

  6. Thank you Meranda :)  I know!  Its easy to not finish.  Im ok with that.  I just like to complete most of them and work towards a goal ;)

  7. This is so cute :) Just picked up your link after reading Elise Blaha's post on the grey and white blanket. I love the colours you've used, it's lovely and bright :)

  8. Thanks so much! :)  I have plans to make another one soon.   

  9. Hello! A few months ago I was looking for a project to do for a friend that is expecting, and I happened upon this blog post. I loved the quick and easy quilt design with the ribbons on each end, so I made it!
    The blanket is now with the expecting mother and she loves it, so thank you so much for your post!
    You can see my completed blanket here: