My Morning Jacket // Beale St. Music Festival

Yep! :) my morning jacket + Florence & the Machine here we come!:)


UntitledMy love Jim James ;)


Best My Morning Jacket Concert! Top 2 for sure MMJ


This weekend Zac + I saw our favorite band play under the super moon along the Mississippi River.  Usually music fest is rained out.  My fondest memory is waiting for an hour in the freezing rain chanting Ben Fold's name only to watch as they boxed his piano up + took it away (NOT!).  So...needless to say I tried not to get my hopes up, but I was not disappointed.  It was a perfect night with a cool breeze + by the time they were about to play the crowd had died down.  We got to choose the perfect spot + danced + sang the night away.  We agreed that it was probably our favorite MMJ performance, but I think the most recent is always your favorite.

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