Life Lately, according to my instagram...

Vera at lunch :)Grilled corn + black bean salad #dinner

Sweet tea with mint in a mason jar #summerGuacamole time ;)

Black bean brownie was awesome!!! #yumVera is sweet when she's begging :)

Date night with the Brownings Untitled

Fun! #artjournal time for the rest of the nightWatching the bachelorette + journaling my "summer manifesto"  goodnight!

This punk ate half of my mint :( UGH!!!Yay! Better time + increased running

-Getting lunch + snuggling with sweet Vera

-Lots of colorful summer foods (grilled corn + black bean salad // guacamole)

-Lightly sweetened tea with fresh mint from my "garden".  Yum!

-Black bean brownies that were "too chocolaty".  How is that even possible? Give me a break.

-Dinner + drinks with friends.  Feeling my pregnant bestie's baby girl kick :)

-Fun, new art journaling supplies to inspire me to journal again while watching The Bachelorette (team Jef + Arie!!!).  I'm in LOVE with my new Smash* journal + their pens (on sale at Target)are SO AWESOME!  Why has it taken this long?

-The caterpillar that ate half of my mint plant (boo!!!)

-We've been running 3 times a week + started week 3.  I've NEVER run in my life, so it's really hard but rewarding.  It feels good to get your body in shape.  I'm planning on doing 3 5Ks this fall.  I'm stoked my hubby is encouraging + doing it with me.  Go us! haha.

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