Getting Ready + The First Look...

Zac + I ate breakfast at our favorite local diner the morning of our wedding.  Yes(gasp!), we saw each other before the wedding.  It wasn't planned, but it just seemed so natural + perfect for us.  I'm so happy we got to spend a few relaxing moments just the two of us before all of the wedding excitement.

I was relaxed at first, but then it seemed like everything happened so fast once it got closer.  I remember being pretty frantic towards the end of getting ready, haha. 

Wedding Photos 237

My something old was having part of my great grandmother's wedding dress wrapped around my bouquet.

Wedding Photos 231

My something new was my dress + garter.

Wedding Photos 229

My something borrowed were earrings, necklace + bracelet from my sweet grandmother.

Wedding Photos 238Wedding Photos 242

My something blue was my toe nails being painted with Essie's borrowed + blue polish.

Wedding Photos 234

Zac + I decided to have a private "first look" where we saw each other for the first time before we took wedding photos with our wedding party + family.  I'm so glad we did because a lot of them were my favorite photos of the day.  I remember walking to Zac with my bare feet in the cool grass + hoping he would love the dress I picked.  He looked so handsome (it was the first time I had seen him in a suit).  We looked each other up + down, he twirled me around, pulled me close + kissed me.  So sweet.  I think I melted right then + there.  It was so surreal.

Wedding Photos 078

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Wedding Photos 044

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Photos by Tec Petaja.


  1. Your dress is so so beautiful.. such lovely wedding photos! it looks like a lovely day xx

  2. Thank you :)  It was!  I wish I could do it all again.

  3. OMG your dress is sooooo Beautiful! You look amazing! :) If you don't mind me asking where did you get the dress...

  4. Thank you :) its a Claire Pettibone + I got it at Kellys Closet in Atlanta.