Highs + Lows...of the week

Double date night! Dinner + The Hunger Games :) :) :)


-Watching Zac play basketball + being a proud wife :) 

-Getting to see + sketch the opera

-Lunch date with hubby at The Little Tea Shop

-The best pastries I've ever eaten, thanks to La Baguette.  I highly recommend the Sarah Bernhardt cookie + pineapple/coconut tart.  Sometimes it's hit or miss there.

-Double date with Ryan + Rachel, her baby bump + THE HUNGER GAMES!!!  I finally saw it.  It wasn't as good as the book (of course), but I really enjoyed it.  So much that we talked about it the rest of the night + the next morning ;)


Our #feet #marchphotoaday #day29 lunch date :)Yay! I thought I had lost my favorite earring, but it was in my car seat this morning. Thank goodness!!!


-The terrible, sinking feeling when you lose your favorite earring :(  I found it the next morning in my car seat.  I can't tell you how happy I was :)  I love those earrings.  I mean LOVE them!!!

-Finding out my grandpa has leukemia + they think he's had it for 10 years.

-My left eye that would not stop twitching.  Most annoying thing ever, haha.

-I asked Zac if he liked this outfit (the skirt) + he said "um...it's not sexy if that's what you mean" haha.  I said "well what is sexy to you?"  Because we have VERY different tastes when it comes to cute clothing.  He showed me this dress.  Um...I wouldn't wear that dress in a million years, hahahaha.

-Having to grocery shop by myself.  I'm not sure why this bothers me, but grocery shopping + cooking dinner aren't my favorite things to do.  Every time I go into Kroger I get depressed.  The produce is terrible, but it's expensive to do all my shopping at Fresh Market or Whole Foods (always packed + makes me feel claustrophobia).  I usually have to go to both.  I miss Schnucks.  I really wish we had a Trader Joes too.  Ok...enough ranting about grocery stores, haha.  I'm lucky to have the options I have :)


  1. oooh no. just NO @ the dress Zac thinks is sexy!! haha!

  2. and I hit "send" too soon.
    So sorry to hear about your grandpa. How crazy if he's had it for 10 years without knowing it! Is he going to get treatment now?

  3. Haha, I know. Too funny. Poor guy ;)

  4. Thank you. It's pretty crazy. I didn't believe it at first. How do you miss that? He got sick recently + I guess they tested his blood + found some abnormalities. My mom was going with him to the doctor today. I'm not sure about treatment. My grandma has had cancer for longer than that. I hope they die in peace together :)

  5. Ok that clothing conversation sounds JUST like me and my husband :P And that second picture looks like something he would pick out and something I would say ABSOLUTELY not to. :P I'm all for looking sexy, but his idea of sexy is usually tacky looking :P

  6. I know! :)  They have no sense of fashion or style, haha.