A Little Bit Of...My Studio

Art studio 010

Art studio 013

Art studio 020

Art studio 025

Art studio 026

Art studio 029

Art studio 030

Art studio 041

Art studio 043

Art studio 049

Art studio 053

Art studio 054

Art studio 058


  1. Hey Lindsay!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday, and leaving your comment/compliment. I've checked out your blog, here, and it's quite lovely. I've added you to my favorites.
    Your studio looks like a fun place! My hubby and I are moving this month, and I get a nice, big studio in the house we're moving into. *yippee!*
    Have a great day!

  2. Awe thanks :)  That sounds wonderful!  Mine needs some work.  I cant wait to get a house :) 

  3. beautiful!! oh wow, your studio is a dream! I would LOVE space like that! and your paintings are SO beautiful. You're crazy talented, girl!

  4. Awe :)  Thanks so much!!! Youre too sweet ♥