12 + 13/52 Weeks

1 painting (or part of a painting):

I haven't been painting these past 2 weeks.  I kept putting off this post thinking I would.  I'm not sure what my next move should be + I'm thinking I want to start a new one.  I have plans to go buy some birch this weekend to paint on.

1 sketch:

I did do more than 1 sketch in the past few weeks.  You can see them in this post.  I am meeting with Urban Sketchers this Saturday at Memphis Botanic Garden.  It will be my first time back since I got married there almost a year ago :)  I'm excited.  I'm sure I'll get all sappy, haha.

1 art journal page:

12 of 52 weeks 004

12 of 52 weeks 085

(Prompt from this e-course)


  1. I adore your art journal, it's so inspiring!
    Congrats on being brave, I want to have a tattoo too, but I'm undecided where... ;)

  2. Im going soon + Im so nervous/excited!!!  Im making myself sick, haha.  :P