4/52 Weeks

1 painting (or part of a painting):

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I didn't really want to post this picture since I haven't worked on it much since the last time you saw it, but I guess I will anyways :)  I usually work on Sundays + this Sunday I had the worst migraine + spend most the night in bed.  Excuses, excuses, I know!  Dang new year's resolutions.  Haha.

1 sketch (or two):

image from www.flickr.com

These are the last few sketches in the Sketchbook Project book that I did.  I mailed it back yesterday + hopefully it arrives in Brooklyn soon.  I'm really jealous of all the places that book gets to travel to.  I still didn't get to finish it as much as I would have liked, but at least I turned it in this time, haha.  I'm making steps in the right direction.  Check that off the 28 before 29 list!

1 art journal page:

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I love these pictures of my grandma + my mom :)




  1. his is such a cute post, I love the art journal thing.. is that anything to do with the course on a Beautiful Mess? My friend gave me a journal for my birthday and I've been wondering what to do with it.. this seems like it would be fun! x

  2. Thanks :) yes, it is the beautiful mess course! I posted it in previous posts, but left it out of this one :) Its mainly just prompts. Some of the older ones used to be more interactive. Ive also done one from Kara Haupt (I just might explode), but Im not sure she does it anymore? I hope you figure out what you want to do with your journal!

  3. u r so talented!! I love your sketches and I wish I was able to do them to...I'm learning tho :D