A Picture An Hour :: January 14th

10am // Wake up + get ready for the day

11412 015

11am // Allergy shot

11412 018

12pm // Breakfast at Bryant's...YUM!  Zac wasn't sure if it would be worth the wait, but it totally was. 

Yummy! #retroWaiting#sugar#breakfast #eggs #biscuit #gravy #grits

1pm // Brook's art museum.  I never imagined marrying a man that likes going to art museums (even maybe more than I do!).  He takes his time + reads every little thing.  He loves history.  I love that about him because I can't stand it ;)

11412 023

2pm //Sitting on a bench in front of the Brook's.  Zac was so proud of this picture because it was his idea ;)

11412 038

3pm // Went for a walk + tried to get our cards at the gym but they were closed

11412 009

4pm // Blogged + rubbed on Vera

11412 060

5pm // Snuggled in bed, watched tv + thought about a nap

11412 016

6pm // Made dinner, which was very exciting...mac + cheese on a Saturday night woo hoo!!!

11412 021

7pm // Ate dinner + relaxed with Vera on the couch

11412 048

8pm // Watched the Memphis Tigers + Grizzlies play basketball


11412 054

9pm //  Still watching the game 

11412 065

10pm // Got ready for bed

11412 095

Zac + I spent the whole day together.  It was nice.

Have you ever done a photo/picture an hour post?  This was my first + it was really fun!  I may start doing one once a month.  Next time I am going to have the correct time set on my camera.

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  1. Love the photo an hour idea! I've seen a few bloggers do it, and it's always fun. Your dog is absolutely adorable!

  2. Me too. Thanks :) Thank you for visiting too + commenting! ♥

  3. I love this post :) I've been thinking of doing on too, ever since I saw it on Bleubird.

  4. Thanks Kerry :)  You should!  It was really fun.

  5. so much fun!!! I loved this post and your pictures are too cute. may have to do a photo/hour post too! xoxo B

  6. thanks :) You should! It was super fun!!! ♥