Mr. & Mrs.

Mr & mrs

I can't tell you how excited I was this year to make Christmas cards :)  I thought about making them myself, but I saw these adorable ornament ones on Tiny Prints + couldn't resist.  The most exciting part was getting to put "The Overbeys".  It's still a little surreal to think that I am an Overbey now.  The other day my father-in-law (still weird saying that too, haha) said "my son and his wife" + I got all tingly inside.  I'm a wife!  When did that happen? haha.

Did you send out holiday cards this year?  Do you buy them or make them?  I'd love to see.

*Photography by Tec Petaja


  1. That is so pretty and I really love the idea of your card doubling as an ornament! The font nerd in me also loves the font used in "Best Wishes..."
    Once M and I moved in together, we started sending out a picture card- which was (and still is) really exciting. This year (now that we have our puppy Riley), we need help taking our picture because gone are the days of using a timer or remote. We need someone there to call Riley's name and bring her attention to the camera- because she's a maniac puppy ;) Anyway now that I've rambled on, it's been extremely difficult to coordinate schedules with someone/anyone to take our picture and at this point, I feel like it's probably too late to send out a card :( there is always next year right??

  2. I love everything about your card! It's perfect!

  3. Awe thanks Kerry :)
    We've been sending cards out since we got together too + the first year we had our wheaten terrier in it. The second year was our engagement picture, but the next few years I want to include Vera (our pup) too. You could always do more of a candid picture instead of a posed one with ur pup. Have fun with it. If I lived closed I would volunteer to take your pictures :) It's never too late :) You could send out an email instead! There is always next year though. I'm planning on taking some Christmas day that we may use for the card next year. It's going to involve big, old fashioned Christmas light bulbs :) Yay!

  4. So cute! I love your blog! I took the pic and made ours. Hopefully it'll get up on the blog soon!

  5. Thanks so much :) Awesome. I'll be looking for it. I'm sure it's super cute.