Christmas Party

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Saturday we went to a holiday party + we had to dress up as our favorite Christmas character.  I've never even seen The Nutcracker, so...I can't say that it's my favorite Christmas character, but that's what I really wanted to dress up as.  I think it's a super cute couples costume :)  I bought all of my costume, but I made Zac's sweatshirt!  Didn't I do a great job?!?! haha :)  I put some hard work into it + hours over the sewing machine.  You can't really see my eye makeup in these pictures, but I whited them out + used lots of glitter. 

Christmas Party 2011 022

Christmas Party 2011 025

Christmas Party 2011 029

We also played dirty santa + everyone brought gift cards.  I drew #5 and Zac drew #7.  I won a Target card + Zac won a Memphis Tigers Bookstore card (which VERY sadly he washed in the washing machine + dried it...needless to say it's gone).  GUESS WHAT???  I won best costume!!!  I was so stoked.  I guess that's what happens when you wear hardly any clothing to a party, haha.  Just kidding.  It was freezing that night by the way.  I was awarded a snowman ornament that proudly hangs on our Christmas tree.

#dirtysanta #ballerina #nutcracker number five and sevenI won best #costume :) thanks guys #ballerina #sugarplumfairy

What's your favorite holiday character?


  1. Eeep! so cute! it's like halloween but ten times better because its christmas! :) merry christmas!

  2. Thanks for visitng + commenting :) It was! Everyone kept calling it Halloween too, it was pretty funny. Merry Christmas!

  3. what a cute costume and idea for party! Also, you need to go to the Nutcracker stat, it's my absolute favorite Christmas tradition.

  4. Thanks Whitney :) I know! I'm dying to see it! I begged my husband to see it, but he was not interested, haha. I take pilates from our ballet company in town + I know a lot of the ballerinas too. It's killing me! I've never seen a ballet AT ALL!

  5. What a nice Christmas party!
    Your costume totally fits you and on the party.