Advent Activity // Make Fancy Hot Chocolate

Last night we made Williams-Sonoma classic hot chocolate with their vanilla marshmallows.  We got them both on sale the other night :)  Score!  The hot chocolate was really rich + chocolatey, but the marshmallows were almost inedible- yuck!  Have you ever tried them?

This happened last night :) #hotchocolate #marshmallows Stirring #hotchocolate

Someone on my instagram recommended Dagoba Xocolatl "Aztec's liquid gold" hot chocolate + I'd really like to try it.

Also, The Daybook is giving away 12 1 lb. cans of Steven's Hot Chocolate to one lucky reader :)  I'd choose the Mexican Hot Chocolate because I've always wanted to try it!

Only 3 more days 'til Christmas!  Yay!


  1. That hot chocolate looks great, but that sucks about the marshmallows! I've actually bought 'fancy' marshmallows from little gourmet shops and while they look so great, I think I like the old fashioned, grocery store kind better. Some thing don't need changing I guess! Merry Christmas!