Fall Creek Falls // Day 1

Zac + I went backpacking at Fall Creek Falls the weekend before Halloween.  We did the Cane Creek Lower Loop overnight trail again (post from 2 years ago). It wasn't raining this time + we were so excited :)  It was cool, but a beautiful sunny day.  I'm always nervous before we go on a hiking trip.  I never even camped before I met Zac, but I really love it.  It's so peaceful (when you don't have teenage boys right behind you, haha), but it's also a lot of hard work. I love taking pictures + my favorite part about fall creek falls are the creek crossings + suspension bridges.  The leaves had changed colors + it was gorgeous on the trail: 




IMG_5932 IMG_5946

IMG_5949 IMG_5952




IMG_6011 IMG_6012

We got to camp, set up the tent + looked for firewood.  Once the sun starting setting it got cold, so we started the fire. I brought marshmallows this time + stuff to make s'mores :)  They were so yummy!!!  I carved the perfect forked stick for a skewer (I was pretty proud of it!).

IMG_6024 IMG_6035



We went to bed pretty early since there's not that much to do out there + we were exhausted.  I did have my usual panic attack (shivering + freaking out) but it didn't last long + my sweet husband gave me his jacket.  I don't think I was that cold. I think it was just in my head.  After that though, I slept really good.  Probably the best I have ever slept in the backcountry before.  I'm usually listening for every little sound.

I can cross this off the list now :)

28 before 29: #9 Go backpacking again (+ pack LIGHT as possible)

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