D.I.Y. Yarn Wreath

Have you seen these yarn wreaths all over pinterest + blogs?  I knew I wanted to try to do a Christmas one.  It was super easy + didn't take as long as it feels like it will at first.  I bought a foam wreath form from Hobby Lobby (don't forget to print off the 40% off coupon!) + some yarn that had some less traditional colors (gray, chartreuse + rhubarb) that I liked.  I ordered coordinating felt from here.

Vera's B'day 002

Tie or glue the end of the yarn to the wreath form + start wrapping.  This skein wrapped around about 3/4 of the way, so if you only want to use one color then buy 2.  I finished the top part with some yarn I already had that matched.  I actually like the way it turned out + prefer 2 colors. 


I used this tutorial to make the felt flowers.  I like that you make the outside wavy (i think it looks better than straight cut).  I cut leaf shapes out of felt too + then I did a loose back stitch around the edges to add more visual interest + a more finished look.


I used a hot glue gun to glue the leaves + flowers to the wreath.  I found some matching flower ribbon in the studio (i think it's by love, elsie [from YEARS ago]) to tie the wreath to the hanger. That's it!


It makes me happy every time I see it :)


  1. What a sweet and beautiful DIY! It's not very common here in Belgium but I'll definitely would love to try and make one. I might have to make the wreath myself though. Do you have any suggestions about the material I could use? Thanks for sharing. =)

  2. Thank you :) I've seen other people use hay/straw wreaths that come wrapped in plastic (and keep the plastic on). I imagine that you could use any wreath & wrap it with some fabric first or duct tape, etc.? You could also braid the yarn to make a circle + put some wire through it?!?! I hope you make one. I'd like to see it when you're done.

  3. so pretty! I wish I was 'crafty' enough to make something like that - my wreath is from TJ Maxx!

  4. thank you! You could totally make it. It's pretty easy. You could always find other stuff to glue on it like buttons or ornaments if you didn't want to make the flowers :)