California // Day 2

On the second day, we drove to San Clemente + then on the way back stopped by one of my favorite little surf shops called Girl in the Curl.  They have the best sweatshirts.  I lost mine years ago + I knew I wanted to replace it.

Girl in the Curl Surf ShopMe :)

 Then we went to the waterfront shops of Laguna Beach.  We stopped at this really cute candy shop (the guy got mad at me for taking pictures, boo!).  I have a soft spot for the old fashioned candies in barrels:




There was a crazy fog that lasted all day.



We had lunch at The Beachcomber in Crystal Cove.  I got a yummy frozen fruity drink at the Bootlegger Bar + fish tacos.  We had a great view of the ocean + I was able to sketch.

Fish tacos


We went for a walk on the beach after lunch + took pictures.  I brought my Diana+ camera with me.  I can't wait to see if they turn out.  It's always a surprise :)



We ended the day back at the Laguna Beach boardwalk.  It started to get more foggy as the day went on + at this point you could barely see the ocean.



We had dinner that night at Sapphire.  I had the SOUTH AFRICAN RED MANGO CURRIED BARRAMUNDI-Sweet Potato, Braised Legumes and Cashews, Organic Swiss Chard.  It was really interesting, but really good.  I wasn't quite sure what I was eating, haha.

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