Halloween decorations

Once we got back home on Sunday I had the urge to plant violas (they were sweeter looking + more danty than the pansies).  I decided on the ruby ones.  By the time I got home, I was exhausted + wondering why I thought it would be fun a few hours ago.  Haha.  What else is new.  I was proud when I finished though.  I will enjoy them once it gets freezing + most of the other fall colors have gone.

Just planted violas

I also decorated the front porch with all of our goodies from the trip to Diebold's Orchard.  I got a new mat at the hardware store for my new last name :)  I ♥ being married + my new last name.  I have plans to paint the letter "O" on the white pumpkin with Martha Stewart's new glitter paint in Onyx (i am so excited ab her paints!  pretty, pretty colors).  Sweet Vera was watching me from inside... 

Decorated the door step

I went into the attic + got out all of our Halloween decorations.  I thought I might not decorate this year, but once I got the pumpkins I couldn't resist!  I love this time of year.

Halloween candy :)


  1. You are so ready for Halloween and fall, it's fantastic!
    Vera looks like fun, is she getting dressed up for trick or treating?

  2. I love your porch feet thing, it is so pretty!

  3. Vera has been a mermaid, pumpkin + skeleton. I'm not sure what she'll be this year :)