Labor Day Weekend

Thursday night Zac + I ate dinner at Las Delicias.  Then we went to the U of M vs. MSU game.  Let's be honest...I'm not a huge fan of football.  I like to go to a few games a year (but this game was BORING).  The main reason why I think I like football is that it means fall is around the corner :)  When Zac started watching football I got all giddy because...IT'S MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR!!! (then I thought..."oh no, that means I lose my husband to fantasy football" [only kidding...sort of])

Go tigers!!!Liberty BowlFirst game of the season :)

Friday morning I had to be at work early to fill in for the receptionist.  I stopped by starbucks + got a latte :)  I got off early + went to Shappley's Sew to look for a new sewing machine!!!  I'm so excited!!!  I'm going to get a new one for by birthday :) YAY!  The guy showed me 3 Brother Project Runway machines + some really cool stuff that they do.  I'm going to look at Memphis Sewing Machine sometime this week also.

Answering the phones today at work...fun stuff. 

Zac surprised me by making dinner reservations at Felicia Suzanne'sFriday night to celebrate my birthday since he will be gone the weekend of my birthday.  He's a sweetheart.  The food was good, but service was so slow. We decided to go to baskin robbins for dessert, haha.

Early birthday dinnerEarly birthday dinnerFelicia Suzannes

Saturday morning I met up with Memphis Urban Sketchers at the Dixon Gallery + Gardens (I'll do a seperate post on that).

Dixon gardenDixon gardenBenchSketching at the Dixon

Zac + I met up after sketchers + got lunch.  Earlier in the week Zac said "I'd like to actually go to some estate sales this weekend. Would you?" (i thought it was so cute)...so that's what we did!  We only went to one, but it was HUGE...I mean HUGE...they said it was 14 miles + four houses worth of stuff.  On the list was a long modern danish coffee table.  I was really hoping no one had snatched it up yet.  This was Zac + I's first estate sale to go to together + our first purchase.  It's embarrassing to admit, but I got so nervous when I was ready to make a bid on the table.  I'm super shy + this goes way out of my comfort zone.  I've been watching Cash + Cari though so I think that helped me, hahahaha.  Zac + I had discussed an appropriate amount to pay for it...I asked the girl what the lowest price she could do on it + it was only $15 more than what we said, so...I said how bout $120 + they said SOLD!  I have no idea what I should have paid for it + I was sorta shaking + then I was sorta regretful, but when we brought it home I absolutely loved it.  I'm so glad it fits + it goes with the rest of our furniture too :) I just hope it doesn't fall apart. *please don't tell me if I got ripped off :)* 

Our new modern Danish coffee table in it's new home :) what do u think? Did I make a good choice?

On Sunday, Zac + I went for a two hour bike ride + got lost (not really).  We went on some trails that we weren't really familiar with, but we knew how to backtrack to get back.  We had so much fun.  I saw 3 deer + I've never been that close before, it was awesome!  It started sprinkling + by the time we got back to the car we were pretty wet + muddy.  It was a rainy, relax on the couch + watch movies rest of the day.  Perfect for me.  Zac had his last fantasy football draft that night.

Labor Day was a beautifully cool, crisp, fall day :)  Well it felt like Fall anyway.  I wore jeans + flannel + my new red lipstick (MAC Ruby Woo).  We made vegetable beef soup + my favorite fall mix of candy corn/roasted peanuts.  It was a perfect day + perfect weekend.

It's starting to feel like fall...flannel + red lips :)Fall...in a potFall...in a jar

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