Mom's Birthday

My mom's birthday was on Friday night.  Zac + I took our mom's to Amerigo's(I've been craving their amazing mussels) for dinner + then we got YoLo for dessert :) Yum!

Mom's at YoloZac + I at Yolo Zac + I's Yolo for my mom's b'day

(Zac's is on top + mine is on the bottom)

I was so excited that they had Red Velvet!!! I've been wanting to try it for so long, but every time I go to a yogurt place they don't have it.  It was pretty good.

Zac got Strawberry Froyo, Pink Lemonade Sorbet + Vanilla Froyo with Skittles, Trix, Cherries, Gummy Bears + Strawberries.  I got Red Velvet Froyo (with Captain Crunch), Chocolate Froyo (with Peanuts, Reese's Pieces + Peanut Butter Cup) + Birthday Cake Froyo (with sprinkles)!!!

I LOVE YoLo!  It is by far my favorite froyo place that I've been to.  I really liked Red Mango in Seattle too.


  1. What adorable colorful pictures!

  2. Em-
    Thanks :) I checked out your blog. You are so cute! Love your hair. I see you like some of the same blogs that I do!
    Peace, love + cupcakes~