Winter 2010

 Vera turned 4 on Nov. 20, 2010.  I got her a bone, pupcakes & peanut butter cups.  Kacey came over to join in the fun!

Vera's B'day thru Christmas 003

 Vera is watching Kacery VERY closely...

Vera jealousVera's B'day thru Christmas 032 

Zac, my mom + I went to his Aunt's house for Thanksgiving.  Here is a pic we took at my mom's:

Vera's B'day thru Christmas 070 

I got A Charlie Brown Christmas album + we played it while we decorated the tree :)  We LOVE our Crosley record player.  We have so much fun playing music + dancing :)
Vera's B'day thru Christmas 092 
Vera's B'day thru Christmas 099 

This picture is from Tom + Morgan's tacky Christmas sweater party:

Vera's B'day thru Christmas 125 

We took this picture before we went to Folk's Folly with our moms for a fun Christmas dinner:

Vera's B'day thru Christmas 151

We went to Jackson, TN on Christmas day.  I gave Emmie this cupcake gumball machine toy + she laid in my lap so sweetly to play with me :) (rare moment, haha)

Christmas 2010 Emmie 
 Christmas Day:

Christmas 2010 

I had surgery in January on my nose to help me breathe better.  I was stuck in the house for a few weeks.  One day I felt good enough to go to Shelby Farms with Zac + his friends.  It was a beautiful, rare, warm day for January.  We had fun.  They threw the frisbee + ball.  Vera got lots of exercise :)

Vera and i at park 
Vera shelby farms 
Zac & vera park 
Zac and I shelby farms 
Zac throwing ball vera   

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