Four Christmases

First Christmas:  Dinner w/ Zac + Dad at Paulette's.  I haven't been to that place in years, but they have the best popovers w/ strawberry butter.  Zac, Dad + I exchanged gifts.  I got a new camera lens, the canon 50mm 1.4, and Zac + I took lots of silly pics:


And this makeup (button eyeshadow= so cute!!!):


Second Christmas:  Christmas Eve night Zac + I went to his mother's house in the country.  Zac's brother + cousins were there too.  His mom made dinner + then we opened presents by the fire with Christmas Vacation playing in the background.  His mom gave me her handmade goodies- soaps, candles, bath salts, bath fizzes, sachets + one big candle w/ a seashell in it.  Zac's brother gave me a gift certificate to Urban Outfitters!!!  I wanna get a record player :]


Third Christmas: After Zac's mom's, we went to my mom's house to spend the night.  We sat by the tree, listened to Christmas music + exhanged gifts.  Mom got me a new coat + boots that will be great for Zac + I's trip to Portland.  She also gave me a Tiffany key necklace locket that is so sweet + lots of other fun clothes, trinkets + toys.  Zac gave me such sweet + thoughtful gifts.  I saw this mug that I loved in Pangea (in Nashville) + he went back to get it for me, plus other cool things from there (my fav store):

He also gave me a beautiful peace charm bracelet + antique looking sapphire (my birthstone) & diamond necklace.  It's so me + so stunning:

The next morning we opened our stockings on the way to my brother's house in Jackson, TN.  We had dinner there with my Granparents, Bro & Sis-in-law, Nephews + Niece, & Uncle Robert + his new fiance' Kary.  I made a swiss chard gratin that was awesome!!!  I love trying new dishes, but they don't always turn out, so I am really excited when they do.  They also had Christmas Vacation playing in the background + we opened gifts:

 Zac was so cute playing with my nephews all day:


I made this scarf for my Grandma (she's so pretty): 


Fourth Christmas: We drove back from Jackson, ran by my house to grab more gifts & then headed to Shannon's (Zac's Dad's girlfriend) house.  Sam (Zac's brother) was there too.  We opened gifts + then ate dinner at Benihana's.

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