Date Night

This year I wanted to make an Advent Calendar, but of course it was kinda late thinking...I found this free download + added something fun to do each day.  Day 1 was "One Pass to see New Moon":

Day 2 was "Make handmade ornaments":


At first Zac said "I mean, how long do you think this will take?" like he wasn't into it, but when he got into the studio he was hardcore working on the perfect snowman ornament.  Haha.  Melt my heart.  We listened to my Christmas music which consists of mostly Mariah Carey, which he gave me a hard time about.  Haha.


Here are our finished products:


Friday night (Dec. 4th) Zac + I had our date night :]  He's so sweet.  Date night consisted of dressing up in cute new clothes, having my door opened for me, holding hands, kisses, dinner @ Erling Jensen!!!, bundling up in coats-hats-gloves, cappuccinos-dainty cookies + New Moon.


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