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Friday, the 6th, I put together this bookshelf (with a little help from Michael).  I have been in the mood to do some MAJOR cleaning up/organizing!!!  I found this cheapo shelf at Target and couldn't pass it up (it was on sale too).  It ended up being too ugly to put in my living space, but it looks super cute holding all my sewing/crafting stuff in the studio (I'll post a pic soon).IMG_0999

Sat., the  7th, Zac woke up early to go hunting with the boys in Guys, TN.  The girls met the boys there around lunch, then we spent the night camping:

IMG_1031IMG_1064IMG_1040Fav fireIMG_1087

Then Monday night, the 9th, we went to the Memphis vs. CBU game.  Go Tigers!!!:

Z+imemgame1 copy 

Tues., the 10th, we drove to Nashville to see Edward Sharpe + The Magnetic Zeros.  We shopped at Urban Outfitters that night!!! My Fav♥!!! + ate dinner @ Cantina Laredo which was really good.   Here's a peak at my CUTE outfits I got:


I loved Family of the Year.  They are so sweet, they melt my heart.  Download their album + donate $$$:


then Local Natives (really good too):


And last but not least Edward Sharpe + The Magnetic Zeros:

Edward Sharpe + The Magnetic Zeros
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I was so mad Jade was sick + her voice was shot :(


but we saw Chris Lowell, Dell from Private Practice!!! He asked to borrow a chair from us!!! Ahh!!!  He was into the show big time!!!  Taking pictures + dancing crazy :)  He's a really good photographer.  Melt my heart.

Before we went home we stopped by Pancake Pantry per usual + then did some shopping at Pangea + an antique store.  How did I get this sweet man outta that place without this???:


Have I ever told u how much I love him?  haha :)

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