My mom + I were cleaning out the attic + closets for the garage sale.  I found my Nannie's (great grandmother) wedding remnants:

Nannie stuff copy Nannie dress

I will update this post soon with some quotes.  They are too cute!!!  I am planning on sewing some of her dress on the inside of my wedding dress + around the bouquet (in the future! haha).  I loved my Nannie!  Things that remind me of Annie Eudora Neblett Morford (married William Morford):

  • Daffodils

  • Tea Parties

  • Crochet

  • Needlepoint

  • Lover's Lane

  • Honey

  • Piano

  • Painting

  • Twin beds

  • Tall ceilings

  • Quaint spaces

  • Easter egg hunts

  • Porch swings

  • Sweetness

  • The Braves

  • Pecan Tassies ...just to name a FEW

* UPDATE:  Quotes:

Wedding Announcement: "Miss Dora Neblett was married a few days ago to a young man of fine character and we understand that she and her husband intend to make their future home in an eastern clime.  Dora was one of our nearest little neighbors, kind and affectionate, and we regret to give her up."

Love Letters excerpts:  "Dear Little Pal: Since I left home over three years ago you are the only girl I've had.  Honestly, little girl, I would do more for you than any girl I have ever had.  There is a little sweetheart that's waiting for me back home Dora and I want to see her bad.  She kissed me good bye nearly two years ago and said, 'Bill remember to always be a good boy and never forget me, come home when you can and know that I will be waiting for you with the same old love.'  I'm going back some day and play with this little sweetheart again and she is going to tell me every thing that has happened since I came away... When we come back we will write a story.  Do you enjoy love stories?  That is the kind ours will be.  You will have to be the queen and I'll be something in the story if I can only be with you.  Little girlie, will this pass as a letter?  I could write twenty pages and every paragraph would contain something for you.  One word spells the whole thing.  'Love.'   Remember Dora you are the best little pal I ever had and will you be glad to always be?  I trust so.

With love,


P.S.  If you like this stick it in your pocket the next night we go out, and tell me what you like the best about it." 

AWE!!! Isn't that the sweetest??? :]  The other note I have is handwritten and hard to read.

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