My Oh My...

This is why I've been "missing"...

"Ties That Bind"- Art Show @ Marshall Arts

Ties That Bind2 002 

Mel doing some last minute touches on her girls. 

Ties That Bind2 078 

Mel + My work together :] 

Ties That Bind2 129 

Ties That Bind2 120 

I love this pic.  haha.  Three Best Friends!!!  Kris~Rach~Linz!  Thanks so much for supporting me girls :]  I will always love you!  I luv my beads too!  They will be a reminder of that night always. 

Ties That Bind2 130 

Kris, Josh + I

Ties That Bind2 133 Barely Vintage 

Mel was my Drawing + Comp teacher and Drawing + Painting 1 teacher.  I love Mel!  She and her class made me switch from Art Ed to Fine Arts-Painting.  She also taught me how to paint with watercolors :]  Fun, fun, fun.  A great teacher!  Yay!

Ties That Bind2 134 

Kat~Me~Kris...The new addition to the threesome (where's Rach?)

Friday I stayed up til 5:00 am!  Ate dinner @ around 2:30 in the morning- ha!  Then Sat. I saw The Purps play @ The Full Moon and stayed out til 6:30 am!  And last night? went to bed @ 12:30!  Let's just say I'm pretty much like a zombie, but it was all worth it!  Now, it's time for me to leave work so...more to come...

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