Happy Early Thanksgiving!


I am so FULL!!! Today we had Thanksgiving @ work.  I brought dressing and sweet potatoes (my g-ma's recipes).  I made them last night and they actually turned out!!!  Here's some pics...

DSC00170  DSC00171 

7 pieces of stale white bread and homemade cornbread +

DSC00172  DSC00173

break into pieces + saute 2 cups celery with 1 large onion +

DSC00174  DSC00175 

add veggie mix to bread mix + soak with 4-5 cups of chicken or turkey broth + add sage + S&P + poultry seasoning...+


cook @ 350 degrees F  for 1 hour.

DSC00181  DSC00182 

Cut 6 sweet potatoes + put in pot with a/b 1/2" water + add about 2 cups or so of sugar (I added lots)...+ boil on Med-High (used a candy therm if want to thread stage) + cook for about 45 min- 1 hour.  Add 1/2 stick butter + dash of vanilla @ end.


Mmm....so good :] 

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