je regrette...

...I haven't been posting very much.  I've been super busy getting ready for the show.  :]  The list goes on + on...  This weekend was spent in the studio getting things finished, titled, and measured.  I will post pics after the show; I want the work to be a surprise! 

On another note, it is my favorite time of the year!!!  Today the weather has been super cold; It's supposed to freeze tonight!  So much for those mums I bought, haha.  They are almost dead anyways.  It goes from HOT to freezing here :[  My favorite is the in-between cool days.  Tomorrow I am going to have some friends over for chili, pumpkin carving, pumpkin beer, roasting pumpkin seeds, and maybe a little Practical Magic.  Should be lots of fun!  This will be Kate's first time to carve a pumpkin and mind.reader's fist time to have chili, haha.  Hard for me to believe either :]  I will take some pics + post em!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Fall!  Oh- I also picked out my Halloween costume:  Queen of Hearts!  Very fitting, haha. 


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