I turned 25 on Sept. 11th

My b'day wish
This past Thursday I celebrated what seemed to be the BIG "2"-"5".  I thought this birthday would be a tough one, like something was going to happen once I turned 25, but nothing "happened".  A few days before I had a little breakdown, but after that all was well again.  When I was younger I used to say I wanted to be married by 25 for sure, and possibly have a child.  I wanted to be a young mom.  Now I realize: I still feel so young, I want to wait for the perfect man to marry, and I definitely don't want a child right now (no offense).  I'm still growing up. 

I got the day off for my b'day!  YAY!  I woke up without an alarm, had a cup of coffee made with my new Keurig, and painted.  Then my mom and I went to the Silver Caboose for lunch; We shared a banana split (check that off my list).  Kristen came by for a little while and gave me a cool hat from Anthro.  Joe (my bro) and Kim (my sis-in-law) came over to join my Dad, Mom, and I for dinner at Iris.

I completed a lot of things on my list of things to do before I turn 25.  Some things I didnt complete that I wanted, some things I changed my mind on, and some things I still plan on doing but that's ok.  I will create my 25 things to do before I turn 26 list soon :]  I think it's a fun thing to do.  I also think this is fun: "##" things I know at "##"(here's another example).  I will do that too soon! 

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