Fair + Festivals

My Mom, Kim (my sis-in-law), Dylan (my nephew), Luke (my younger nephew), Emmie (my niece), + I went to the Delta Fair on Saturday night. 

FAIR 010 copy 

Dylan (my nephew) + Sydney (a girl we picked up along the way, haha [she had to have an adult to ride with her]) riding the Crazy Mouse!!!  Sydney held my hand so hard + Dylan was so scared, haha.  Dylan said I WANT OFF!!! and put his head down.  It was sorta scary, esp. for second graders.  It was so fun though!

FAIR 017 copy 

Dylan + I riding the Music Fest ride.  He liked it other than the loud music + crazy guy talking.  Luke (my nephew) + Kim (my sis-in-law) were behing us (see pic below).  Luke started crying at the very end (scared).

FAIR 016 copy



Emmie's (my neice) first fair + first ride.  I think she liked it :]  What do you think???

FAIR 047 copy 

We ended the night with Luke, Dylan + I on the ferris wheel.  At first they were scared, and then I think they got a little bored.  I think the ferris wheel is more of a romantic date thing, haha. 

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  1. No way, what are the odds?
    What a great story though, it was surely a sign for you to move forward in your life. Plus, look how cute and happy you are in the pictures with the kids?
    You know what they say (whoever they are), "a picture speaks a thousand words" !