Happy Friday :]

Things making me happy right now :]


I am the PROUD owner of this drawing "Just Dessert" ink on paper, 8X10" Thank you so much Roger, I love it!!!











The new My Morning Jacket album: Evil Urges...*fav* songs (i love them all): "Evil Urges"- Evil urges baby; they're part of the human way It ain't evil baby, if ya ain't hurting anybody, "Thank You Too!"-I know I just want to thank you for thinking of me, "Librarian"(this song melts my heart)-simple little bookworm- buried underneath... is the sexiest librarian...take off those glasses and let down your hair for me

61YrpnkeWyL__SL500_AA240_ The new Raconteurs album: Consolers of the Lonely...*fav* songs: "Salute your Solution"-And I got what I got all despite you...And I get what I get just to spite you, "You Don't Understand Me" (this song melts my heart too)- You don't understand me...But if the feeling was right...You might comprehend me...And I don't claim to understand you...But I've been looking around...And I haven't found, anybody like you

Having lunch with my BFF.

Getting together an art show with Batman and Wonderwoman. :] (shh...right now, more later)

The past month has been ferris wheel crazy :]


The Prater Wheel "Weiner Rienenrad"- Vienna Austria










The London Eye- London, England











Bonnaroo Ferris Wheel- Manchester, Tennessee, USA

Getting back into the studio: organizing + painting + drawing :]

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