Thursday Thirteen: 13 things I'm looking forward to...

1.  Handmade Stamps w/ erasers + linoleum cutters check this demo out.

2.  Make a book from old childrens book covers + pages + rebind them.  Check this out.  And this.Il_430xn_25073437 

3.  Get my 120 film processed + developed that I took last weekend on the beach with my diana + camera.  I hope at least a few pics turned out!

4.  Start new paintings with transfers (I *luv* transfers) + secret stuff I've been thinking about (maybe fairytales).  Trying to just have fun painting + not worrying too much. 

5.  Go to the courtyard in Olive Branch + get some yellow box sandals + get Rach a graduation present.

6.  Going to Rachel's graduation celebration- congrats on graduating teach! :]

7.  16_benfolds_lgl_2 BEN FOLDS!!! Friday night at Beale Street MusicFest in Memphis,TN.

8.  Planning, Packing, and Daydreaming about my trip to Europe :]  I'm getting so excited!!! May 21st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9.  Roger wants me to "just doodle and make shapes until I find shapes I like + turn those into characters."  Sounds fun doesn't it?  "Investigate shape with wash becayse you have less control.  Just Play.  Give it a try and make some cutouts." hmm... good advice.  I need to post our book again. 10.  When I recieve this painting2455659047_d505b69490(the one on the left) in the mail of Elsie's + my little Rosie Dollie from the black apple.

11.  Sporting my new Peace,Love converse!

12.  Making more time for myself :] and time for my creativities!!!  I need to start creating so I can start my own Etsy store.  I wonder whatever happened to the sketchbook project, I was supposed to be recieving my moleskin the the mail soon (turns out later).

13.  MAGIC :]  

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